April 2016

Live Dealer Marie used to volunteer as a fire fighter. Her experience in the fire brigade taught her some important life lessons: be grateful for what you have and always help others in need.

Working as a fire fighter is bad-ass because you save lots of people and cats. But there is one drawback. It’s impossible to shout out bad-ass catchphrases.

Like when you’re standing in front of a burning building about to save a dozen people and the moment you kick the door down you utter – “it’s time to fight fire with fire.”

Those types of one-liners are best suited for the beach on a scorching hot summer day. And it’ll involve Marie in a wet white t-shirt on the beach.

Now that’s fighting fire with fire.

There’s no doubt that Marie brings the flame – even with a miniature height of 5-foot-1. If she existed in JRR Tolkien’s world, you’d definitely find her in the Shire.

Marie was determined to add some inches to her frame so she’d look taller and more imposing.

But a pair of three-inch stilettos doesn’t exactly nail the runway model look on the beach.

Marie might not have the height to share the runway with Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima, but she’s one of the sweetest girls you’ll meet.

You shouldn’t look past her.



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