Survival of the Fittest

January 2016

The thing about outdoor survival trips is sometimes you may have to drink your own pee. On the rocks. Just like that manly man Bear Grylls. Screw the fact that fresh water sources like streams and rivers are found outdoors. If that’s the price of becoming a manly man then we’re sticking to bottled water thank you very much.

But we do enjoy nature survival trips mainly because of two reasons.

The first reason is to hunt down and wrestle a grizzly bear just for fun. That’s how we roll. The second reason is the off chance we might get to wrestle Kelli Reichel. The 5’11” outdoorsy Kelli also enjoys wilderness trips – sans the pee drinking.

Kelli doesn’t look to fight bears and ride mountain lions like we do. She enjoys the scenery, sunrise, and sunsets. You know all that stuff we pretend to like for the sake of reaching second base with a girl.

Kelli decided to lounge around under the sun during one of her trips to a popular, touristy island. That’s what hot girls do – find a place with lots of guys walking by, sprawl on beach towels, and ask total strangers to apply sunscreen on their perfectly suntanned shoulders.

Kelli keeps balance in her life. Aside from loving the outdoors, she enjoys re-enacting The Hangover by living large, sipping on appletinis, and riding hot streaks in Las Vegas. She does admit to waking up in her own sweat and vomit after a wild night out.

Hey, it beats drinking your own pee.


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