Poker Island

January 2016

Chivalry is dead. We’re serious when we say that women killed it. Instead of thanking us for doing something nice like holding the door open, they suspect we’re just trying to get laid.

Actually we are trying. Surprise, ladies. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like to pretend we’re nice.

Only a few women recognize genuine chivalry. Fortunately, Bodog Girl Brittani Jenee is one of them. She wants a good ol’ fashioned knight in shining armor Cassanova-type. It’s not something we do, but if it gets us any closer to Brittani then we’ll even consider writing poetry and breeding unicorns.

We caught Brittani tossing cards in a bowl in the kitchen. So, we came up with the idea to challenge her in a card game. In the form of Texas hold ‘em poker. We gallantly suggested we raise the stakes to strip poker and politely offered to let her go first. But she laughed in retort at our poor attempt at chivalry.

We quickly learned that Brittani plays a mean game. She hustled us and kept mum about her online poker tournament play. We were lucky that Brittani declined our strip poker challenge because it was freezing that day.

Before even attempting to challenge Brittani in poker, you should test your skills playing Bodog Poker to improve your game. Then, just be wary of raising the stakes on these cold, chilly evenings.

Because we’re sure you’d still lose.


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