Little Miss Dress Up

February 2016

Every guy can relate to what golfer Tiger Woods went through. That dude panicked when ex-wife Elin Nordegren found out about his indiscretions and chased him with a golf club. He ran his car against a tree and a fire hydrant – two of the most stationary things on this Earth. It’s a good thing there wasn’t an iceberg there or he’d be really fucked.

Tiger’s indiscretions are funny to all of us, but imagine if Sana was the one he married. Shit like that would’ve never gone down.

Sana believes that wearing black underwear can grab any man’s attention. She isn’t wrong. Throw in a video camera with night vision and count us in.
She also knows that playing dress up and role-playing can awaken the pubescent teenager in us. Before putting on her dress, Sana did her best lingerie model impersonation.

We couldn’t help but reminisce about the last time a girl modelled underwear for us. We were handcuffed to the bed while she stole our wallet and left us for dead. That’s what happens when you hire a stripper for your personal Bar Mitzvah party.

Can’t blame us for wanting to fund Candy the Stripper’s college studies.

On that mental note, we stupidly lost our shit, panicked and hauled ass out of there. And like Tiger, we did crash into a fire hydrant.
Thanks, Sana. Now we know what Elin was showing Tiger before he crashed the Escalade.


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