Jailhouse Rock

January 2016

Comedian Chris Rock famously said that you get more respect coming out of jail than from school. While we can appreciate surviving salad tosses and dropped soap in China’s Tilanqiao Prison, a Master’s degree is pretty gangster too.

Jail experience can help you become a very successful drug dealer, but a Master’s degree can set you up for a more lucrative career. That is until you decide to trade your smarty pants lucrative career for a job playing poker, which is exactly what Team Bodog’s Jay Tan did.

Jay hasn’t been to jail because driving without a license and jaywalking doesn’t necessarily warrant life behind bars. But she did earn a Master’s degree. She also made waves as a poker force to be reckoned with after her final table finish in the Aussie Millions.

Since we couldn’t stop making fun of Jay’s choice NOT to live life dangerously, she was eager to prove just how daring she can be. But a pair of snakeskin pants can only do so much to boost your reputation as an outlaw.

She might not be a law breaking badass, but Jay is one of the nicest people you’ll meet across the felt.

And a huge nerd.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Some of us are into that sort of thing.


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