May 2016

It’s not very reassuring that doctors “practice” their profession. But we can trust them when they say that twerking too hard can be bad for you. Miley Cyrus proved that this year in one of her performances.

She got a pregnancy test right after.

Bodog Girl Jessica Yang doesn’t twerk because she’s smart enough to listen to the doctors’ advice. Instead, she sticks to doing Gangnam Style.

In the comfort of her own home.

Jessica needs a good workout like dancing since she loves to eat. She once gained a little weight and a photographer noticed during a shoot. To get back to tip-top model shape Jessica hit the gym, did some running, watched her diet, and kept dancing.

Aside from modeling, Jessica would like to act in a TV series like “Dexter” or appear on a reality TV show.

With her love for food and experience in losing and gaining weight, Jessica is perfect for the reality TV show “The Biggest Loser.” (超级减肥王 The Biggest Loser: Super Diet King – in China)

As the host.

Not as a contestant.

We’re hoping.


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