Brazilian Summer

January 2017

According to a report, work place productivity in China has dropped because of the World Cup. Office employees are skipping work to watch early morning matches.

We all know about China’s obsession with football, but the World Cup isn’t the only thing that has been catching the attention of Chinese employees.

Bodog Girl Gabriela Borges has appeared in several magazines in China. And while she is Brazilian, Gabriela calls Shanghai, China her hometown. Even if she only moved there in 2012.

Gabriela doesn’t mind living in a country where she doesn’t even speak the language.

That’s amazing given we don’t even understand what we ourselves say sometimes. Our accented gibberish did come in handy when talking to Gabriela.

Like football fans in Asia, Gabriela stays up past her bedtime to watch Brazil play in the World Cup. Unlike us though, Gabriela doesn’t need beauty rest to not look like shit in the morning.

That’s okay with us. Just as long as Gabriela pretends to listen to every incoherent thing, we say.


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