Beach Babe

February 2016

We see a lot of similarities between coffee and women. Both can wake you up in a hurry. And both can be returned for not being hot enough. Kurtney is guilty of the former.

And we’d be crazy to return her before spending an activity-filled night. In the bedroom. With coffee-scented candles. Getting our ass kicked in Twister.

Kurtney eventually threw us out for “inadvertently” reaching for colored spots we shouldn’t.

After drowning our sorrows with espresso shots, we managed to catch up with Kurtney at the beach. As she drew hearts and other thingamajigs in the sand with a stick, we learned our lesson not to poke at things we’re not allowed to.

Kurtney likes playing things safe and never dives into something without thinking about it first. It’s a mantra that’s served her well in certain situations. That’s probably the reason why she’s sure and certain with her moves at the Bodog Live Dealer Casino. To watch players make their next move on the tables and win a big jackpot is something Kurtney enjoys.

Catch more of Kurtney at nearby coffee shops or at the Bodog Live Dealer Casino.


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